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The Constitution

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This course is comprised of lessons prepared by Bob Hilliard from the teaching of lawyer, philosopher, logician and strict constructionist Publius Huldah. We are learning the original intent, from the founders’ own words.

(Also, check out Publius Huldah’s one-page Constitution at a Glance.)

Lesson 1: Introduction and Overview

Lesson 2: Enumerated Powers of Congress and abused clauses

Lesson 3: Enumerated Powers continued; bad ideas posing as solutions; and what to do about mismanaging politicians

  • Class presentation— PDF
  • Paper 4: Enumerated Powers of the President — PDF | on the PH site
  • Paper 5: The Proposed 28th Amendment, Another Terrible Idea — PDF | on the PH site
  • Paper 6: Term Limits, Treating the Symptoms not the Disease — PDF | on the PH site
  • Paper 7: Impeachment—All you need to know (and you do need to know it) — PDF | on the PH site

Lesson 4: Enumerated Powers of the Federal Courts; and the Source of our Rights

Lesson 5: Why states must nullify unconstitutional acts of Congress; and why the “Balanced Budget Amendment” is a hoax

Lesson 6: The unconstitutional administrative state, and basic concepts of “government”

  • Class presentation
  • Paper 12: Article I, Section I and the Unconstitutional Administrative State — PDF
  • Paper 13: Refuting the Bad “Health Insurance – Auto Insurance” Analogy: A Lesson in Federalism — PDF | on the PH site
  • Paper 14: The Basic Concepts of Government — PDF | on the PH site

Lesson 7: The Oath of Office, and the U.S. Census

Lesson 8: Jury Nullification, and what criminal laws are Congress authorized to make?

Lesson 9: Exclusive and concurrent jurisdiction, and the U.S.’s treaty-making power

  • Class presentation
  • Paper 19: The Arizona Illegal Alien Law & The Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution: Exclusive & Concurrent Jurisdiction Explained — PDF | on the PH site
  • Paper 20: The Treaty Making Power of the United States — PDF | On the PH site

Lesson 10: The lie of “separation of church and state”, the Supreme Court’s usurpation of power, and the trial of the lawsuit of the state of Arizona

  • Class presentation
  • Paper 21: The Lie of “Separation of Church and State” & the U.S. Supreme Court’s Usurpations of Power — PDF | On the PH site
  • Paper 22: The Trial of The Lawsuit Against The State of Arizona: Must Supreme Court Judges Obey The Constitution? PDF | On the PH site