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March Action Items and Events

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From Texas First Alerts (please follow these, and follow through on them!).


United, and only united, can we make Texas the Leader in Secure Elections: Accurate, Transparent, and Accountable

The filing period has ended for the 88th Legislative Session. 5301 bills have been filed, 143 concerning our elections. Some are great, some just plain awful. Case in point:

Rank Choice Voting. TERRIBLE

Just when you thought our elections could not become more unreliable, Legislation has been filed to implement Rank Choice Voting.

Reject SB637 and HB1792

Senator Sarah Eckhart and Representative Vikki Goodwitt have filed SB637 and HB1792 respectively, bills that would mandate Rank Choice Voting for Special Elections. This gimmick to manipulate the vote should not gain a toe hold in Texas and must be soundly rejected.

Support SB921 and HB3611 to BAN Rank Choice Voting

Senator Bryan Hughes and Representative Brisco Cain filed SB921 and HB3611 respectively, to ban Rank Choice Voting in Texas and deserves our full support.

MORE or just TAKE ACTION NOW to advocate on behalf of fair and honest elections. It will take you less than a minute.

And on the subject of our Citizenshipt duties during the Texas Legislature, save the date for Citizen Advocate Training

Rank Choice continued…

Why Rank Choice Voting undermines the Democratic Process :

Instead of voting for the candidate of one’s choice, having voters rank candidates is complicated and confusing for voters.

As many as 1/3 of voters do not rank their choices and their vote could be thrown out in subsequent rounds as votes are reassigned. In effect, disenfranchising voters.

Eliminates a run off that would provide a clear choice for voters, resulting in muddled outcomes.

Disregards One Man One Vote , the cornerstone of our Democratic Republic. Often, the declared winner in a rank-choice voting contest is not the choice of the majority of voters. Without a genuine mandate, there is no consent of the governed.

Prone to error, difficult to audit or hand count. An arduous, time-consuming process that further erodes faith in our government.

Kindly share this message with other concerned citizens.

Though not everyone can do great things, Anyone can do small things in a great way .

TAKE ACTION NOW to advocate on behalf of fair and honest elections. It will take you less than a minute.