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Lone Star Agenda

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Come and Take It

They came. They're taking it. Our own legislators! Now what? Support the Lone Star Agenda. Start by liking the Facebook page.

This last Texas Legislative session was a disaster. Texas House members, including so-called “Republicans” hate conservative principles and are turning Texas purple, on its way to blue. They say, ‘So, what are you gonna do about it?’ Well, here’s what!

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The Lone Star Agenda – Save Texas 2020 Plan is a powerful statement of conservative principles, values and actions developed to excite and unify grassroots conservatives to push Republican elected officials to support the priorities of the voters that elect them, not the swamp in Austin. 

The Lone Star Agenda will restore the values most Texans hold dear and reaffirm Texas as a unique and vital state to reverse a rising Blue Tide. This CAN save Texas – and the Presidential Election – in 2020!

The Lone Star Agenda - Save Texas 2020 Plan

Family Rights and Personal Liberty

We place the constitutional rights of Texans to liberty and self-determination for themselves and their families above the desires of government officials and special interests:

  1. Allow families to make mental and physical health decisions for themselves.

  2. Stop wrongful removal of children from families by restoring due process rights for parents.

  3. Stop local ordinances that interfere in private employer-employee relationships.

  4. Increase protections for unborn Texans.

Transparent and Representative Government

We must reform and protect the Texas institutions that are critical to our historical identity as the Lone Star State:

  1. Improve election integrity (paper ballot backup audit trail; citizenship verification).
  2. End taxpayer funded lobbying.
  3. End union dues withholding from public sector paychecks.
  4. Protect Texas monuments.

Justice and Security

We must improve the security of Texans to be safe in their communities and free from injustice:

  1. Secure the southern border (interior enforcement to end the “magnet” effect).

  2. Stop human trafficking.

  3. Protect the rights of Texans to bear arms.

If you support this Lone Star Agenda and you are a:

  • Republican Party Leader - current or former Precinct Chair to SREC Member or an officer of a Republican club
  • Conservative Organization Leader - current or former officer, steering committee/ board member or committee chair
  • Conservative Local Elected Official - current or former Leaders and Elected Officials …

…if you are any of the above, please sign up and register your support HERE

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