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October 2020 Meeting: General Election

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Thursday, October. 15, 2020, 6:30 PM
Outback Steakhouse, 2102 Texas Avenue South, College Station

Consider arriving early for dinner and fellowship before the meeting!

Election Day is Nov. 3! And early voting is early

The 2020 General Election scheduled for November 3 will include a host of candidates and issues that everyone needs to be aware of and understand prior to casting our votes. Also, early voting will be held for three weeks starting on October 13, instead of the normal two weeks.

Vote all the way through the LONG ballot

The ballot will include the Federal, State, County, City, School Board and City Propositions - it will be a very long ballot. Our meeting will be a review and discussion about candidates and issues on the ballot to be better prepared to vote.

Prepare with a sample ballot, and bring it to the meeting if you can

We encourage you to go to brazosvotes.org and download a 2020 General Election Sample Ballot, review it before our meeting and bring it with you.

Volunteers/helpers/prayer teams welcomed

One example: the Texas GOP is offering Poll Watcher online training, with sessions being offered this Friday through Monday. If you’ve not received the email from them, and you are interested, let us know at bcsteaparty@gmail.com.

If you can help out in other ways, let us know at the meeting!

Please make plans to join us for an Election Education Extravaganza!