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Grassroots Texans: HELP STOP Texas House Bill HB 3!

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SHORT VERSION: Contact your state legislator (John Raney, Kyle Kacal) and say NO TO HB 3.

(The following is excerpted from Grassroots America — We The People, with whom the B/CS Tea Party is of like mind.)

Grassroots Republicans say NO!!! to unconstitutional liberty-killing HB 3

This is truly an emergency alert! Please give it your full attention!

Grassroots conservatives must go all out now to stop disgusting trojan horse bill HB 3 filed by Republican (?!) State Rep. Dustin Burrows (Lubbock). Remember him? Burrows was sidekick to self-disgraced former TX House Speaker Dennis Bonnen.

The low bill number means this is a bill Speaker Dade Phelan supports, which means it is a bill Governor Abbott wants. There are tentacle placeholder bills over in the TX Senate. All of this means that HB 3 is a bill we can expect to be fast-tracked by Republicans having their arms twisted.

What’s so bad about HB 3? It would give the state government AND the White House MORE power to do the bad things they’ve already started.

Text of House Bill 3

Deceptively promoted as a curb on the Governor’s executive powers, HB 3 actually gives “pandemic” its own section in the law, states the “purpose” of the bill is to “strengthen the role(s) of the governor” and smacks Dr. Fauci/Biden/CDC recommendations down on Texas!

From HB 3, Sec. 418 A.002(6): “clarify and strengthen the roles of the governor, state agencies, the judicial branch of state government and local governments in the prevention of, preparation for, response to and recovery from a pandemic disaster.” This should scare the living daylights out of every Texan!

HB 3 doubles down on Abbott’s executive orders by putting into law what he’s already done under his “emergency” orders AND gives the federal government more power in Texas by mandating that businesses comply with any orders from the occupiers of the White House and their CDC. Think about longer shutdowns, government defining “essential” and “non-essential” businesses, prohibitions on gatherings, masking toddlers and double/triple masking yourself! If it becomes law, HB 3 actually makes it easier to sue a business!

ACTION: What YOU Can Do!

Make HB 3 so toxic that no State Representative will sign on to Burrows’ HB 3 in support! SWARM them with calls, emails, social media posts NOW!

To find phone and social media contact info for your TX State Representative, go to the new and outstanding Texas Scorecard Directory by clicking here. Here are the direct links to our state legislators: John Raney and Kyle Kacal.

Contact them now and say NO TO HB 3!