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Letter to B/CS Tea Party Supporters...

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Help send a message to the upcoming Texas legislature: NO DEMOCRAT COMMITTEE CHAIRS

Legislation promoting our Republican Priorities has not been successful in recent years primarily because the Speaker has appointed Democrats to Chair many of the strategic House Committees and they have ignored or block our Priorities in various ways.

Send a message directly to House Speaker Dade Phelan: NO DEMOCRAT COMMITTEE CHAIRS

There is much more to know about this abuse of power, but the issue at the moment is to make your voice heard by sending a message to Dade Phelan, current Speaker and will probably be re-elected Speaker. State that Phelan appoint only Republicans to Committee Chairmanships, not Democrats!

Details in the letter:


All 8 Republican Party of Texas Legislative Priorities for the 88th Session of the Texas Legislature (2023-2024)