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Constitution Boot Camp

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Saturday, September 23, 2023, 9am-1pm
Under the Chandelier, 706 S Main St., Calvert

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Seriously, your future depends on it

Why Study Our Constitution? Your future depends on it. Your freedom to exercise your natural rights depends on it. The Constitution is the rule book that we created for the federal government. It is our permission slip for our central government to exist and function. It is not a rule book for the states or the people.
- The Handbook for We the People

Constitution Boot Camp, Sat. Sept. 23 9am-1pm, 706 S Main St, Calvert

Haven’t yet gotten through our Constitution in Ten Lessons material?

This boot camp is updated material from bcsteaparty.com/constitution/. Once again we’ll be covering it all in one fun morning.

Some kudos, and more info

Friends Building Blocks for Liberty out of Ohio, and Bob Hilliard, author of The Handbook for We the People, worked together to compile the presentation we’ll be using.

Thank you True Texas Project!

True Texas Project has helped get this Boot Camp offered all over the state for the past three years, here and in various cities around Texas. These will help you qualify for True Texan Certification.

Hope to see everyone on Saturday!