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June meeting: Josh Posey, School Choice Activist

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Thursday, June 15, 2023 at 6:30 PM
Outback Steakhouse, 2102 Texas Avenue South, College Station

As always, consider arriving early for dinner and discussion!

The 2023 Texas Legislative Session and 1st Special Session was concluded on May 29

The Legislative Priorities of the Republican Party of Texas suffered defeat in the same way as previous sessions - RINOS and Democrats rule the House and THE PEOPLE’S issues are trampled. One of the major issues of debate was and still is “School Choice”.


Josh Posey

Our guest speaker for this meeting will be Josh Posey. He is an advocate for education issues and was very active in the fight for School Choice in the 2023 Legislative Session. Josh’s presentation will pull back the curtain in the fight for the RPT legislative priority “Parental Rights & Educational Freedom”. Josh’s bio

Looking forward to a great time together!

And, save the date: June 20: Robert Roos

Robert Roos is a member of the European Parliament…who wants to do away with the European Union. A person who joins a big central government so he can bring it down to size…is there another person in recent history we can think of like that? Hmmm…

We’ll look forward to seeing everyone for our regular meeting this coming Thursday, and stay tuned for details on Robert Roos' talk on the 20th!

Josh Posey bio

Josh Posey is a dedicated father of four, a proud 9th generation Texan, and a prominent education advocate hailing from Waller County. With a genuine passion for protecting children and an unwavering belief in the importance of educational freedom, Josh has become a trusted voice in his community.

Josh’s commitment to educational freedom extends beyond his own personal experience. His wife, a former educator, has played a significant role in shaping his understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist within the public education system. This firsthand perspective has fueled his determination to make a positive impact on the lives of children and families in our great state.

Recognizing the need for active involvement in shaping educational policies, particularly after his own children were exposed to inappropriate materials in school, Josh has taken on various responsibilities within the Republican Party of Texas (RPT). Serving on two SREC subcommittees, namely “Stop Sexualizing Texas Kids” and “Parental Rights and Educational Freedom,” he has worked tirelessly to ensure the well-being and rights of students and parents are protected.

As a proponent of school choice, Josh firmly believes that parents should have the ability to choose the educational environment that best suits their children’s needs. This passion coupled with their other work in education resulted in Josh and his wife receiving the Texas Scorecard Conservative Leader Award in 2022.

In his role as an education advocate, Josh has worked beside his wife to defend his school district from a harmful health curriculum and played key roles in stopping the transformative health TEKS proposed in the summer of 2022. Currently they are focused on recruiting teachers who are willing to review curriculum for the TEA and defend traditional American family values.

With his deep-rooted Texan heritage, his personal experiences as a parent, and his dedication to educational excellence, Josh Posey continues to be a positive force in the pursuit of high-quality education for all children in Waller County and beyond.

Josh Posey