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March Meeting: Deutschland 2024 - Quo Vadis? Europe first, then...?

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Thursday, March 21, 2024 at 6:30 PM
Outback Steakhouse, 2102 Texas Avenue South, College Station

Come early & stay late!

Bluebonnets and runoffs

Bluebonnets are out and the March 5 Primary Election is now history. The Primary Runoff Election will be the held on May 28, just enough time for our lives to get back to normal and then back in the political meat grinder for the runoff. Get ready for some professional mudslinging in the runoff.

For worse and for…better?

We will diverge from Texas and US. politics for this meeting and dive into current culture and political issues in Europe, specifically focusing on Germany. Typically Europe experiences change on various fronts before these issues arrive in the United States so it is important for us to be aware of what’s going on with the nations whose experiences may foreshadow our own.


Michael Meinersmann

Welcome Michael!

Our guest speaker, Michael Meinersmann, regularly attends and participates on our meetings. Michael grew up and was educated in West Germany. Bio

The title of the program for this meeting is:

Deutschland 2024 - Quo Vadis? History, State and Trends.

Hope to see you again soon!

Michael Meinersmann bio:

Grew up in West Germany in the golden 70s to 90s. Business Studies in Munich, Master of Business Administration (MBA). Siemens Executive Trainee Program and In-house Consultant. International executive in IT Consulting, Telecoms and Private Equity in South Africa, USA, UK, and Germany (Siemens, Cap Gemini, Accenture, KKR, Bosch Telekom). Since 2010 semi-retired in the US and working in consulting, investments, and business ventures. Supports truth and liberty and conservative libertarian politics and ideas.