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Texans for Gun Freedom Event in Austin Aug. 22

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Press conference and peaceful demonstration walk

Thursday at 10 AM – 11:30 AM
11th St. & Congress Ave, Austin, TX

Texans for Gun Freedom

Link to the Facebook Event

More info from Rachel Malone of GOA

Gun blog link (similar information if you avoid Facebook)

We need ALL Texans to show support for our right to keep and bear arms!

From the GOA:

URGENT! ALL HANDS ON DECK! Gun freedom is critical to our safety and security — and if we don’t take action NOW we risk even more infringement. Join us to stand up for FREEDOM!

The Governor’s “Texas Safety Commission” is meeting at the Capitol at 10:30 on this same Thursday to discuss ways to keep guns away from people the government determines shouldn’t have guns.

The Governor has not allowed anyone from GOA-Texas or any other Texas gun rights organization to participate in this meeting. Even worse, he’s invited a gun control organization to give input. (See the list of participants here: https://gov.texas.gov/news/post/governor-abbott-announces-texas-safety-commission) (EDIT: after much outcry, the Governor added a representative from TSRA. We still do not believe the Governor wants to protect your liberty, and this event is still needed.)

Whether you carry a gun or not, your liberties are being threatened.

If they won’t listen to us inside the building, we will speak out outside the building.

Please join our press conference where we explain our positions, and then walk with us down Congress Ave. in a peaceful protest march.